Techcore company is established in 2001, a company located at ShenZhen city of China Main business of Techcore company is R&D and manufacture inductive proximity switch , photoelectric sensor ultrasonic sensors We will develop pressure, temperature sensor late of this year We work hard to make product with good quality and low cost At present the area of manufacture shop is 500 m2, we will enlarge it to 2000 m2 Now, we are preparing for getting ISO 9001-2000 accreditation     
      At present, our main Business is still at home market Many clients of us are manufacturers of CNC and plastic injection machine Some of them, such as DIMA Digital Machine, sale their product to oversea market     
      We manufacture good quality products by excellent product design, reasonable assembly process, and strict control of manufacturing Good quality of product also enforces our confidence to exploit the oversea market    
      We plan to apply CE certification for our products in next year    
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